Order unique mixed media artwork stylized on the base of your photo.


Hi, my name - Maria Pranka, I'm an artist from Latvia, Riga.

I help open minded hearts run faster putting my naked art near you.

I am imprinting emotions on surfaces for 15+ years and if you feel something seeing my works, you can adopt my art and believe me, you won't regret it 🖤

AFTER LETTING GO OF academic boundaries and cooperating with liquid media essence finally I came to an abstract style.

Why? Because it is much more about my true emotions, the shortcut from my nature to the viewer. Only by expressing myself right onto the canvas can I tell my true story, what I am feeling right now or what I feel constantly.

And this is the place where YOU can find YOURSELF poured on a canvas by me. If you heard that click inside - don't hesitate, take that piece NOW.

Want to know more and get fresh part of me every day?